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Thomson Filter Vial Application Notes

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filtervial-catStandard Filter Vials (120L Dead Volume)

Thomson Standard Filter (patented) can be used for samples containing less than 10% solid particulates. The lter vial consists of two parts: a lter vial shell and a plunger which includes a single layer lter on one end and a vial cap on the other end. Applications for Thomson Standard Filter Vials include ltration of catalysts from organic and medicinal chemistry synthesis reactions, saccharide analysis in corn syrup, and in-vial Max Fill Vol. protein precipitation.


extreme-cateXtreme|FV® (Multi-Layered Filtration)

Thomson eXtreme|FV® (patented) oer multi-layer ltration for viscous samples and samples containing up to 30% solid particulates. The lter vial consists of two parts: a lter vial shell and a plunger which includes a multi-layer lter on one end and a vial cap on the other end. eXtreme|FV® allow for compounds to be separated from the matrix which, results in both a higher signal to noise ratio and peaks that are more dierentiated. Prior to the introduction of the eXtreme|FV®, many samples containing high levels of particulates were “ltered” by using an SPE step in the method. These methods are readily amendable to the replacement of the SPE step using a rapid and lower cost eXtreme|FV® step. 

Applications for Thomson eXtreme|FV® include ltration of cell and cell debris from cell culture; pesticide analysis in food, tissue, soil, and water; and toxicology analysis in blood and urine.

nano-catnano|Filter Vials™ (10μL Minimum Volume)

Thomson nano|Filter Vials™ oer a very low dead volume allowing one to lter as little as 10μL of sample with enough remaining ltrate to make a 2μL injection. The lter vial consists of two parts: a lter vial shell with mating bottom surface and a plunger which includes a lter on one end and a screw cap vial on the other end. Applications include the analysis of enzymes, peptides, DNA, RNA, synthesis reaction intermediates, nished products, saliva, samples available in low volumes, in-vial evaporation and re-suspension for sample concentration and buer/solvent change. 

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Standard Filter Vials

eXtreme | FV®

nano | Filter Vials®


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