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virtuoso-feature optThermo Scientific Virtuoso™ Vial Indentification System

The Thermo Scientific™ Virtuoso™ Vial Identification System is an error-free option to manual vial labelling that turns a necessary chore into a value-added component within a laboratory workflow.

With advanced labelling capabilities, the Virtuoso system ensures accurate vial identification and reliable data, and increases laboratory productivity. Use the system’s touch screen and network capabilities to transfer text, graphics, barcodes, and logos directly onto your vials.

Download the full Thermo Scientific Virtuoso™ Vial Indentification System manual here. 



  • Facilitates your labelling requirements; fully loaded with standard or fully user-defined templates
  • Increases productivity; eliminate error-prone manual vial labelling, label a vial in just 5 seconds, improve labelling efficiencies by downloading sample lists, simplify vial labelling indentification
  • Produces high-quality labelling; resists common laboratory solvents, blurring and smudging
  • Provides an advanced labelling and information system in one device; designed by experienced analytical scientists
Full specifications  
Speed  3-5 seconds typical (full area print)
Height 295mm
Width  140mm
Weight 200mm
Power supply  Universal power supply 100 - 240V AC
Amperage 5A
Item description  Virtuoso vial imaging system
Requirements Recommended Environment: +15˚C to +30 ˚C (+59 ˚F to +86 ˚F), performance may deteriorate if operated outside recommended range. Recommended Storage: -25 ˚C to +45 ˚C (-13 ˚F to 113 ˚F) Short period only. Recommended Relative Humidity: Max. 80% RH up to 31°C Decreasing linearly to 50% RH at 40°C
Voltage 24V DC, over voltage category II 
Certifications Pollution level 2 
Product type 300 dpi imaging system 

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