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Unbeatable results for Organochlorine pesticide analysis

11196 ph so gc

Improved resolution and faster analyses, compared to 1701 or phenyl phases, make these the pesticide columns of choice. Rtx-CLPesticides columns are specially designed to overcome the coelutions and analyte breakdown typically encountered in chlorinated pesticide analyses for EPA Methods 8081, 608, and CLP. By achieving baseline resolution of the 20 target analytes, more accurate qualitative data can be obtained, providing reliable identification without GC-MS.

Column bleed, measured by ECD, is extremely low at temperatures up to 330 °C, which is critical for baking-out the column to remove high-boiling compounds commonly found in pesticide/PCB extracts. An analysis time of less than 10 minutes improves throughput compared to other stationary phases.

Note: Analyzing dirty or derivatized samples can contaminate your column. Restek does not recommend analyzing trace-level pesticide samples following derivatized samples (e.g., Methods 8151A and 552.2) without first performing inlet maintenance. Standard steps include trimming the guard column and changing the inlet liner, O-ring, seal, and septum.

  • Application-specific columns for organochlorine pesticides and herbicides.
  • Low bleed—ideal for high sensitivity GC-ECD or GC-MS analyses.
  • Baseline separations in less than 10 minutes.


Description Includes Unit Cat. # Price
Rtx-CLPesticides Kit (0.32 mm ID)

Rtx-CLPesticides Column (cat.# 11141); Rtx-CLPesticides2 Column (cat.# 11324);

Deactivated Universal Angled ″Y″ Press-Tight Connector (cat.# 20403-261);

and Siltek Guard Column (cat.# 10027)

Kit 11196 £1,088.80



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