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Rxi-65TG Columns (fused silica)

rxi brand 1









High-polarity Crossbond phase

  • Ideal for the analysis of triglycerides in edible oils.
  • Excellent thermal stability up to 370 ˚C ensures consistent results and longer column lifetimes.
  • Separate and quantify critical triglycerides (acylglycerols) without interference from column bleed.
  • Observe even underivatized mono- and diglycerides.
  • Novel manufacturing techniques ensure consistent column-to-column quality.

Note: the Rxi-65TG column is recommended for analyzing mono-, di-, or triglycerides in edible oils. If you are analyzing triglycerides in biodiesel fuels, use either our Rtx-Biodiesel TG or MXT-Biodiesel TG column. 


Length ID df Temp. limits Unit Cat. # Price
15 m 0.25 mm 0.10 μm 40 to 370 °C ea. 17105 £617.15
25 m  0.25 mm  0.10 μm  40 to 370 °C ea. 17107 £793.45
30 m 0.25 mm  0.10 μm  40 to 370 °C  ea. 17108 £802.30 
15 m  0.32 mm  0.10 μm  40 to 370 °C  ea. 17106 £625.95 
25 m 0.32 mm  0.10 μm  40 to 370 °C  ea. 17110 £802.30
30 m 0.32 mm  0.10 μm  40 to 370 °C  ea. 17109 £811.10

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