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Fast Acrylamide Analysis in Food and Drinking Water

Allure Acrylamide LC Column

allure co hplc

The Allure Acrylamide LC column provides targeted acrylamide retention as well as improved isolation from matrix interferences to aid in low-level detection and quantitation in various food matrices, including difficult samples like potato chips/crisps or coffee.

The proprietary ligand and bonding process produce a stable, reproducible retention time with excellent peak shape and lifetime compared to carbon-based stationary phases.

Its unique ligand with an embedded polar group is compatible with 100% aqueous mobile phases. Suitable for EN 16618:2015 and U.S. FDA draft procedures.


Particle: 5 μm, spherical
Pore Size: 60 Å
Carbon Load: proprietary
End-cap: no
Surface Area: 450 m2/g
pH Range: 2.5 to 8
Maximum Temperature: 80 °C


Particle size Length ID Unit Catalogue # Price
5 μm 50 mm 2.1 mm ea. 9167552 £462.50   
5 μm 150 mm 3.0 mm ea. 916756E £623.25




Acrylamide Extracted from Potato Chips on Allure Acrylamide

Acrylamide Reference Standard (200 ppb) and IS on Allure Acrylamide Column


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