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Eliminate Contamination with Resprep QR Vacuum Manifolds

Resprep Quick-Replace SPE Vacuum Manifolds (12- or 24-Port)

28298 vm 1

  • Disposable, quick-replace valve liners ensure a clean flow path and eliminate cross-contamination of samples extracted on the same port.
  • Individual screw-type valves in each SPE port provide precise flow control.
  • Easily modified sample collection rack supports a wide variety of collection vessels.
  • Screw-type, solvent-resistant vacuum gauge and bleed valve offer better sealing and vacuum control.
  • Compatible with any standard male luer end SPE cartridge.


Description   Size   Units   Cat. #   Price £  
Resprep QR-12 Quick-Replace vacuum manifold   12-port   kit 28298-VM   £1,175.25  
Resprep QR-24 Quick-Replace vacuum manifold 24-port kit 28299-VM £1,702.25


To order, please call 01494 563 377 or click here to email


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