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Get a quicker clean-up: Resprep SLE Cartridges and 96-Well Plates

Resprep SLE Cartridges and 96-Well Plates

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  • Faster and easier than SPE and liquid-liquid extraction: just load, wait 5 minutes, then elute.
  • Effective removal of proteins, phospholipids, and salts.
  • Quick concentration step increases sensitivity.
  • Easy to automate for high-throughput laboratories.
  • Suitable for a wide range of sample matrices and analyte pKa values.




Volume guidelines: Selecting an SLE format with sufficient loading capacity (1 mg sorbent to 1μL diluted sample) is very important because the entire sample volume (including 1:1 dilution in buffer) is absorbed into the diatomaceous earth sorbent. For example, a 100 μL sample should be diluted 1:1 with buffer for a total volume of 200 μL, which requires use of a 200 mg SLE product.


Description Unit Cat. # Price £
Resprep SLE cartridges, 200 mg/3 mL cartridge 50-pk 28302 100.45
Resprep SLE cartridges, 400 mg/3 mL cartridge 50-pk     28303 111.60
Resprep SLE 96-well plates, 200 mg/2 mL each well       1-pk 28304      160.00   
Resprep SLE 96-well plates, 400 mg/2 mL each well 1-pk 28305 186.00


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