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Essentials For Building Your Chromatography System

VICI Jour Fittings and Tubing

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PEEK Unions and Fittings

PEEK fingertight fittings and PEEK unions are ideal for connecting the modules of any LC systems in combination with PEEK capillaries.

material PEEK GF30 Manufactured by mold injection 10-32 thread biocompatible knurled head for easy manual tightening For use with 1/16” OD tubing pressure rating 350bar (5000psi) autoclavable at 121°C

For use on LC equipment with limited space, VICI Jour offers the NEW molded one-piece finger-tight fitting JR-5513 in short form. It is also available as a long version, fitting JR-5518, with knurled head for easy hand tightening; JR5518 also offers a hex-headed part. The fittings are sold as bulk or in packages of 5 (JR-5513-5 / JR-5518-5). The fittings are manufactured from PEEK GF (Glass Filled) and are rated up to 350bar (5000psi). The fittings are designed for use with 1/16’’ OD tubing in 10-32 threaded ports.


PEEK-HT Fittings

The VICI Jour UHPLC black fingertight fitting JR-55031-1made from special raw material PEEK-HT is produced with the same shape as color coded PEEK fingertight. These flat headed fittings are rated for pressures up to 500bar if manually tightened and up to 7250/15000psi if tightened by a tool (1/4’’ open wrench). We offer these fingertight fittings as bulk (PNs JR-55031-1) and also in packs of 5 (PNs JR-55031-5).


PEEK Tubing

JR-T-5999, red color-coded PEEK tubing, OD 1/16’’ x ID 0.13 mm Standard 1/16’’ OD, striped PEEK tubing are offered in pack sizes of 1.5 m, 3 m, 5 m, 10 m, 15 m, 25 m, and as bulk ware from 26 meters length. Most used in LC are striped color coded PEEK tubing with 1/16”OD and IDs between 0.13 mm and 0.50 mm.

material PEEK natural Manufactured by extrusion biocompatible max. recommended working pressure: up to 345-460bar (5000-6700psi), autoclavable at 121°C


SS Tubing

Standard 1/16’’ OD SS tubing with IDs between 0.18 mm and 0.50 mm are offered in pack sizes of 1.5 m, 3 m, 10 m, and as bulk ware from 11 meters length, PNs JR-T-625-05/10/20.


SS Nuts and Ferrules

VICI offers several different SS nuts and ferrules with competitive pricing for the use with 1/16’’ OD SS tubing. The nuts are different in shape, length and head size depending on the equipment, i.e. the space available for tightening the tubing on the ports of the LC module like pump, valve (autoinjector or single valve), column, detector etc.


To find out more about the full VICI Jour range, or to order, please click here to email or your local Sales Representative.

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