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  • Higher efficiency for drastically faster analysis times

  • Better selectivity for substantially improved resolution
  • Increased sample throughput with existing HPLC instrumentation

Dissecting Raptor™ LC Columns: A closer look at a new species

Superficially porous particles (commonly referred to as SPP or “core-shell” particles) have been proven to provide fast separations without the need for expensive Ultra High Performance Liquid Chromatography (UHPLC) instruments, thereby increasing sample throughput without capital investment. These particles feature a solid, impermeable core enveloped by a thin, porous layer of silica that decreases the diffusion path and reduces peak dispersion. As a result, they offer significantly higher efficiency than traditional fully porous particles of similar dimensions—often rivaling the efficiency of smaller particles. Core-shell particles changed LC, but they were only the beginning.

A New Species Has Evolved

Restek is proud to announce that SPP core-shell technology has evolved with the introduction of Raptor™ LC columns. Although column efficiency, which is boosted with superficially porous particles, considerably accelerates analysis time, it has little effect on resolution (i.e., peak separation). Selectivity, on the other hand, has a substantial impact on resolution, but shows minimal improvement in analysis times. New Raptor™ LC columns bond rugged 2.7 μm superficially porous particles with Restek’s unique Ultra Selective Liquid Chromatography (USLC®) phases to offer chromatographers the best of both worlds.
By being the first to combine the speed of SPP with the resolution of highly selective USLC® technology, Raptor™ LC columns provide the practicing analyst with the most powerful tools available for fast and efficient method development. And because they are from Restek, Raptor™ LC columns are backed by the manufacturing and quality systems you’ve come to trust along with the best Plus 1 service in the industry. Choose them for all of your valued assays to experience Selectivity Accelerated.



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