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When you come to Thames Restek, you will soon see that we know what we are talking about. We have the technical back up you need when you have a technical issue. If something does go wrong we are here to find you a solution. We can help save you time, get you back up and running, and avoid unnecessary delays for you and your customers.

You are important to us
We recognise that without you, we would not have a business. Knowing that it costs a vast amount to win a new customer, our focus is on keeping you satisfied. This is why you and your business will benefit from the very best in terms of both products and service.

Getting to know you
As you get to know us, we will also get to know you. We like to build long-term relationships with our clients and look to learn exactly what you do, what equipment you run and the sort of analysis you undertake. Established for over 25 years, we know how to find out what you need, and get it to you fast. Understanding what you do is something we take pride in here at Thames Restek, as it means we can quickly indentify exactly the parts or information you need.

Because we are committed to helping you and are eager for you and your clients to avoid delays and expenses, if we don't know the answer to your particular problem, we are usually able to put you in contact with someone who does.

If we say we will do something, we make sure that we will do it. We would never make false claims and will never sell you something that would not benefit you. If we should make a mistake, we will admit it and we will rectify it. We would never jeopardize an ever growing relationship to make a single sale.

Personal Service

You would never be passed from pillar to post around a faceless call centre. You can get someone on the phone straight away or arrange a visit from one of our technical specialists. Having one contact for all technical problems and advice means that you will not be wasting time on the irrelevant, so you will be able to discuss the matter at hand straight away.

Technically competent
It's good to be able to talk to people who have the same understanding. If you have a problem you can talk to someone who will give you the right answers and help you solve it, even if it is just confirming you were on the right track. Rather than being passed around an office, you will get all the technical advice you need quickly, in plain English, giving you the confidence you need to make the right decision.

"We're not just here for the most complicated issues - we can help you with the easy stuff too."

Communication is key
You need to know what is happening to your order or enquiry. As with all businesses, from time to time the unexpected can happen. However with systems in place to track your order from our supplier to your door, we ensure to keep you informed of any delays or issues at all times. Thanks to accurate scheduling you can expect to receive your orders on time.

Established in 1985

Would you not rather deal with a long established, well respected and professional company? With a wealth of experience and expertise built up over the years we have no doubt deal with an issue similar to yours before, so we can give you a quick and efficient answer. This means you are more likely to end up with the most appropriate part to suit your application.

Strong support from international partners

Thames Restek is part of the US based Restek group of companies who currently supply their products to 88 countries around the world. You will benefit from our superb working relationships and partnerships with all our suppliers, ensuring you always get the very best advice and service.

A Guaranteed Service

When you choose a supplier, you will always want the whole process to be as painless as possible. We have considered ways in which to help you achieve this and are proud to offer you the following service guarantee.

When you contact us here at Thames Restek, we guarantee that:

  • Your telephone calls will be answered in a friendly, professional manner within 15 seconds.
  • Your orders and enquiries will be dealt with quickly and efficiently. If we need to phone you back we will tell you when to expect the call. Even if we have no further information we will call to let you know we are still working on it.
  • We, and our suppliers, will keep 95% of the lines detailed in our catalogue in stock.

When you have placed your order, we guarantee:

  • Our standard courier service means that stock items will be delivered to you by 5pm of the next working day.
  • You will be notified immediately of any changes to the scheduled delivery date.
  • Your order will be delivered in accordance with our terms and conditions. If we ship the wrong item, we will credit you in full and supply the correct or missing item, as a matter of urgency.

When you need help and advice, we guarantee:

  • You will be given the right information, combining technical advice with on-going support for our entire product range.

When you need the best, our aim is to:

  • Provide you with an unbeatable service.
  • Continually monitor and improve quality on your behalf.
  • Deliver your orders promptly and correctly.
  • Exceed your expectations.

As part of our commitment to ISO9001 we guarantee to monitor and evaluate our performance on a regular basis to ensure to continue to enjoy the very best service.


We are a technically strong company manned by people with many years of experience in chromatography. 

Take advantage of this knowledge by giving us a call on 01494 563377.


Thames Restek UK Limited
Units 8/16 Ministry Wharf
Wycombe Road
Bucks HP14 4HW

TEL. 01494 563377

FAX. 01494 564990

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