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Sorbent Tube and Thermal Desorption Consumables Manufacturer that Sets the Quality Standard

Camsco sets the quality standards for the thermal desorption tube industry. Founded in 1991, Camsco today is a dynamic, growing manufacturer of Thermal Desorption consumables used in an expanding variety of applications and industries.

Delivering High Quality Products to New Platforms, Applications and Industries.

The majority of Camsco’s business is still focused on providing a high level of support and product to the US and allied militaries for identifying and quantifying chemical warfare agents. Increasingly, Camsco’s customers have requested that we make Sorbent Tubes for Thermal Desorption systems other than those typical with standard military applications. We now make high quality sorbent tubes for all the big name TD systems including Perkin Elmer, CDS Dynatherm, Gerstel, Tekmar-Dohrmann, OI Analytical, Markes, and SKC. High quality tubes used for environmental monitoring, industrial hygiene, breath analysis, development of flavors and fragrances, quality, airport security and by first responders.

With over one million sorbent tubes manufactured in the last 10 years, Camsco has built a reputation for high quality, exceptional service and the fastest delivery turn arounds. Camsco’s proven technicians, most with years of experience, hand make all Sorbent tubes and related consumables, many custom manufactured to a client’s exacting requirements.

As an independent manufacturer, Camsco is eager to share its technical expertise among a wide range of equipment manufacturers, scientists and academics.

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