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People Rely on You for Fast, Accurate Data. Rely on Restek® Rxi® GC Columns to Deliver It.

Your instrument needs to run. It needs to run now. And it is not enough to simply go fast—you need to get the right results the first time and save money in the process. In short, your GC column must produce the data you need, when you need it.
Restek developed the Rxi® family of fused silica columns to help you solve the challenges you face in your lab on a daily basis. Take advantage of Restek® Pure Chromatography to get your work done right and get it done quickly.

Rxi® GC Columns: Built for Your Continued Success

Restek has complete control of our Rxi® column production stream to allow us to offer an unbeatable Pure Satisfaction guarantee. You will receive a top-quality product that performs the way we promised it would, every time.


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Why should you switch to Rxi® GC Columns?

Rxi™ columns are built to be the best. But what does "best" mean? for the overworked analyst with an ever-shrinking budget, the best GC column is the one that lasts the longest whilst also providing Outstanding Inertness, Low Bleed and High Reproducibility.


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The best GC Columns for your next Method is an Rxi® Column.

Choosing the right stationary phase can make all the difference for the success of your analysis. We have devloped a wide selection of stationary phases that span the polarity range, so you can easily select a perfectly matched Rxi® column that helps you run fast and produce unbeatable results.


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