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Gas Generators

  • MakeUp Gas Generators

    MakeUp Gas Generators (Membrane technology) - Zero Nitrogen & Air for GC carrier and flame gas applications   Description Catalogue Ref.Drawing No.  ZN, 400ml/min, <1ppm THC, >99%, ...

  • FID Gas Stations

    FID Gas Stations (PEM) - Hydrogen and Zero Air for GC fuel & flame support gas applications   DescriptionCatalogue Ref.Drawing No. H2 90ml/min, >99.9999% 60 psi g (4.1 bar g). ZA 1L/min, ...

  • UHP Nitrogen Generators

    UHP Nitrogen Generators (PSA Technology) for GC carriergas and critical laboratory applications   Description Catalogue Ref. Drawing No. 1.1L/min, >99.9999%, ...

  • Zero Air Generators

    Zero Air Generators for GC Flame Support and LC/MS Souce applications   DescriptionCatalogue Ref.Drawing No. 1L/min, ...

  • Parker High Purity Generators with AWF

    High Purity Hydrogen Generators (PEM) - H2PEM with Factory Fit Auto Water Fill Option DescriptionCatalogue Ref.Drawing No. 100ml/min, >99.999%, 5-100 psi g (0.3-6.9 bar g), integral auto ...

  • Parker - Ultra High Purity Hydrogen Generators

    Ultra High Purity Hydrogen Generators (Palladium Technology) for GC & GC/MS Carrier Gas Applications Parker Balston H2PD-150 and H2PD-300 Hydrogen Generators offer flow capacities of up to 300 ...

  • Parker - High Purity Hydrogen Generators for GC

    High Purity Hydrogen Generators (PEM Technology) for GC Applications Fuel-grade high purity hydrogen generators are safer alternatives to high-pressure gas cylinders. The new Proton Exchange ...

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