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01494 563377

Thomson Instrument Company has been serving the pharmaceutical and life science industries for forty years. Their ever lasting commitment to provide customer satisfaction and quality products has enabled us to maintain a solid reputation throughout the industry. Thomson also add to their services by having four trained scientists on staff ready and willing to help with method development.

Thomson are a local San Diego area company and are pleased to say that they have an excellent reputation for serving a customer base in our local area, the United States, and around the World.

As a family owned and operated business, Thomson bring dependability and consistency to customers and suppliers alike. They work diligently with our manufacturers to ensure competitive pricing, quality lab supplies, and the most recent and innovative products.

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standardvileheader Thomson Single Step Standard Filter Vials
extremevials-header Thomson SINGLE StEP™ eXtreme Filter Vials
lowevap-header Thomson Low Evaporation Cap Filter Vials
nanovial-header Thomson SINGLE StEP™ nano Filter Vials

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