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Macherey Nagel

restek Restek Corporation is a leading developer and manufacturer of innovative, high- quality columns and accessories for gas and liquid chromatography.
vicivalco VICI Valco is your factory source for top quality products for gas chromatography, liquid chromatography, flow injection analysis, flow cytometry, HPLC, SFE, and SFC.
vicijour VICI Jour products for HPLC include a complete line of tubing and capillaries in a wide variety of diameters and materials, high and low pressure finger tight fittings and connection accessories, column hardware, high and low pressure filters, cutters and other tools, backpressure regulators, and much more.
parker Parker Balston Analytical Gas Systems is the world leader in gas generation technology.  These state-of-the-art gas generators produce a continuous supply of ultra-high purity gases for GC's, FT-IR's, TOC, ICP, AA and LC/MS analytical instruments.
hamilton Hamilton has, for years, manufactured the highest quality syringes for analytical use together with precision valve products and a range of specialised HPLC columns.

nationalscientific National Scientific chromatography products have been manufactured and supplied to analytical laboratories for more than 30 years. They offer more than 1500 products for chromatography, sample preparation and compound storage.
sge SGE is a leading manufacturer of analytical syringes and a range of accessories for GC and HPLC including columns, fittings, ferrules and instrument spares.
mn Macherey Nagel is a well established German manufacturer of SPE tubes and accessories and HPLC columns.
rheodyne2 Rheodyne provide low and high pressure fluid valves, automated sample injectors, fluid-switching platforms, Systec® degassers, and associated products.
thermoflogo Thermo-Scientific help scientists meet the challenges they face in the lab or in the field every day. 
chromacol2 Chromacol are devoted to the development and marketing of sample vials, HPLC and GC consumables and accessories for chromatography. We aim to supply innovative, high quality, value-for-money products that benefit the scientific community.
sgt SGT have specialised in manufacturing consumables for GC and HPLC.  In particular they offer a comprehensive range of laboratory gas filters ideal for use with analytical instruments.
parkerporter Porter Instrument Company specialises in the design and manufacture of precision instruments for the measurement and control of low flow gases and liquids. Specifically these include pressure regulators, flow controllers and flowmeters.
camsco Camsco sets the quality standards for the thermal desorption tube industry. Founded in 1991, Camsco today is a dynamic, growing manufacturer of Thermal Desorption consumables used in an expanding variety of applications and industries.
upchurch Upchurch Scientific is a global manufacturer of fittings, tubing, and accessories for the demanding liquid chromatography/HPLC market.  Upchurch has developed expertise in high performance engineering thermoplastics and corrosion-resistant metals, whilst also providing both standard and customized fluidics components to OEM and individual laboratory customers. In addition, Upchurch offers a growing line of components for lab-on-a-chip and other micro- and nanoscale applications.
thomson Thomson Instrument Company has been serving the pharmaceutical and life science industries for forty years. Thomson's ever lasting commitment to provide customer satisfaction and quality products has enabled us to maintain a solid reputation throughout the industry.
ilslogonobgr ILS, based in Germany and founded in 1992 manufacture more than 1,000 types and variations of microsyringes. Ranging from 0.5l to 100ml for precision sampling and dosage in chromatography, spectroscopy, preparation of standard solution for manual application as well as for use in autosamplers, diluters, dispensers and other liquid handling instruments.

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