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Thomson SINGLE StEP® Filter Vials (patent pending) are designed to speed up sample prep and analysis. The plunger filter with 0.45uM Teflon membrane nestles into the vial while simultaneously filtering and readying the sample for any Autosampler.This is a SINGLE StEP® process that minimizes any loss of sample and requires no multiple step transfers. Pre-slit caps ensure a no-hassle, clean aliquot withdrawal. No more breakage of expensive needles, coring problems on the HPLC or Mass Spec. Thomson SINGLE StEP® Filter Vials are compatible with most standard Autosamplers; such as Agilent® and Waters®. The ease of use will make the SINGLE StEP® Filter Vials indispensable in all laboratories.

  • Recommended for samples containing less than 10% solid particulates
  • Easy-to-use vials offer fast sample filtration and require only a squeeze of your fingers
  • Minimise sample loss by elimination multiple transfers
  • Colour-coded caps allow easy identification of 0.2µm or 0.45µm membranes in PVDF, PTFE, PES or nylon
  • Pre-slit PTFE/silicone caps help eliminate broken autosampler needles and cored septa
  • Rugged polypropylene vial houses insert with 450µL loading capacity and low dead volume (120µL)
  • Fit most standard 12 x 32mm autosamplers, including UHPLC instruments 

How to use a Thomson Filter Vial



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