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Parker Balston PEM GeneratorsHigh Purity Hydrogen Generators (PEM Technology) for GC Applications

Fuel-grade high purity hydrogen generators are safer alternatives to high-pressure gas cylinders. The new Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) cell eliminates the use of liquid electrolytes with hydrogen generators. Deionized water is all that is required to generate hydrogen for weeks of continuous operation. With an output capacity of up to 510 cc/minute, one generator can supply 99.9995% pure hydrogen for up to several FIDs. Based on cylinder gas savings alone, a hydrogen generator pays for itself in one or two years.

Produced and supported by an ISO 9001 registered organization, Parker Balston® hydrogen generators are the first built to meet the toughest laboratory standards in the world: CSA, UL, cUL, and CE Mark. A great safety feature is the built-in sensing circuit, which shuts the generator down if a hydrogen leak is detected.


Features include:

  • Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM_ cell eliminates the need for liquid electrolytes
  • Reliably generate 99.9995% pure hydrogen - for better chromatography
  • Eliminates high-pressure cylinders - greater convenience and improved lab safety
  • Compact unit, requiring only on square foot of bench space
  • Quick and easy to service and maintain: unique display lighting changes colour for easy status checks and water level indication
  • Comes with a set of universal power adaptors for U.S, European and Asian plug types.
  • Automatic safety feature shuts the generator down if a hydrogen leak is detected

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100ml/min >99.999%, 5-100psi g (0.3-0.69 bar g) H2PEM-100 H2PEM-100
165ml/min >99.999%, 5-100psi g (0.3-0.69 bar g) H2PEM-165 H2PEM-165
260ml/min >99.999%, 5-100psi g (0.3-0.69 bar g) H2PEM-260 H2PEM-260
510ml/min >99.999%, 5-100psi g (0.3-0.69 bar g) H2PEM-510 H2PEM-510
Auto waterfill kit (factory or field fit option) HEPEM-AWF HEPEM-AWF

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