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Parker Balston Gas GeneratorsUltra High Purity Hydrogen Generators (Palladium Technology) for GC & GC/MS Carrier Gas Applications

Parker Balston H2PD-150 and H2PD-300 Hydrogen Generators offer flow capacities of up to 300 cc/min of 99.99999+% purity hydrogen.  Only hydrogen and its isotopes can penetrate the palladium membrane; therefore, the consistent purity of the output gas is guaranteed. This technology produces hydrogen at a purity two orders of magnitude greater than desiccant or silica gel technologies. Typical applications include:  Gas Chromatographs, Emmissions Testing Equipment, Hydrogenation Reactors, ICP-MS Collision Gas, Fuel Cells.


150ml / min >99.999999%, 10-60.9psi g (0.7-4.1bar g) H2PD-150 H2PD-150UK
300ml / min >99.999999%, 10-60.9psi g (0.7-4.1bar g) H2PD-300 H2PD-300UK

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