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Preventative Maintenance Kits

Generator GroupLC/MS Nitrogen Preventative Maintenance Kits


DescriptionCatalogue Ref.Drawing No.
Replacement carbon instake filter kit, NitroFlow Lab 159.003754 159.003754
Replacement high pressure compressor, NitroFlow Lab, 230V 159.003313 159.003313
Replacement low pressure compressor, NitroFlow Lab, 230V 159.003314 159.003314
Installationkit for N2-14, N2-22, N2-35 (A), 230V IK75-72 IK75-72
12 month PM kit (1998 or earlier models), 75-22, 75-720, 75-74, 75-740, 230V MK7572 MK7572
12 month PM Kit (1998 onwards), N2-14(A), N2-22(A) & N2-35(A), 230V MK7572C MK7572C
Replacement galvanic cell, 75-720, 74-A740, N2-22A, N2-35(A), 230V 72695 72695
Installation kit for N2-14, N2-22, N2-35(A) & NitroSource Lab IK75880 IK75880
12 month PM kit, N2-2010, 75-880, N2-45, N2-80 & N2-135(A), 230V 75478 75478
12 month PM Kit for NitroSource Lab, 230V 159.003569 159.003569
Replacement activated carbon tower, N2-2010, 75-880, N2-45, N2-80 & N2-35 75344 75344
12 month PM kit for LCMS-5000, LCMS-5001T MK5028 MK5028
12 month PM Kit for LCMS-2001NT MK5029 MK5029

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