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Unidense Frits

Stainless Steel Frits - Unidense Type

frits1For both standard frits and those produced to custom specifications, these frits offer unexcelled reproducibility and precision. Proprietary manufacturing processes ensure uniformity and precise, repeatable dimensional control.Stainless steel frits are manufactured of SS316L, which has extra-low carbon content. The sintering process used results in a strong bonding of the sinter metal particles. Depending on the grade of powder used, the porosity of the frit can be precisely tuned.
1/16" 0.30" 0.5µm 0.39µL 5 JR-.5FR1-5
1µm 0.45µL 5 JR-1FR1-5
2µm 0.53µL 5 JR-2FR1-5
10µm 0.60µL 5 JR-10FR1-5
1/8" .040" 0.5µm 2.10µL 5 JR-.5FR2-5
1µm 2.43µL 5 JR-1FR2-5
2µm 2.83µL 5 JR-2FR2-5
10µm 3.24µL 5 JR-10FR2-5
1/4" .040 0.5µm 8.39µL 5 JR-.5FR4-5
2µm 11.30µL 5 JR-2FR4-5
10µm 12.91µL 5 JR-10FR4-5
3/8" .040" 0.5µm 18.91µL 5 JR-.5FR6-5
2µm 25.45µL 5 JR-2FR6-5
10µm 29.09µL 5 JR-10FR6-5
1/2" .040 0.5µm 33.58µL 5 JR-.5FR8-5
2µm 45.2µL 5 JR-2FR8-5
10µm 51.66µL 5 JR-10FR8-5
1" .060" 2µm 269.43µL 5 JR-2FR1K-5
10µm 307.92µL 5 JR-10FR1K-5


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