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Polyethylene Frits - PEEK-Encased Type

Polyethylene Frits - PEEK-Encased Type

Polyethylene FritsVICI-Jour's polymer frits are made of UHMWPE (Ultra High Molecular Weight PolyEthylene). They are a competitively priced alternative to titanium and are completely metal free.With the frit surrounded by a PEEK ring, the actual porous surface is reduced to the column ID. The compressed PEEK ring forms a seal between the bottom of the fitting and the column end, preventing the mobile phase and the sample from entering the previously accessible poorly swept areas 

1/5" .098 .059" 10µm 2.94µL 5 JR-1150-10P-5
1/4" .181" .059" 10µm 11.31µL 5 JR-1151-10P-5


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