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Unidense Frits

Titanium Frits - Unidense Type

  • Biocompatible
  • Recommended for protein analysis
  • High corrosion resistance
  • Various pore sizes and diameters
frits1Titanium is preferred over stainless steel for applications related to the analysis of sensitive substances in general and large biomolecules in particular. Evidently proteins have a tendency to adsorb on the stainless steel (iron) frit and consequently reduce recovery or may even decompose. Titanium also offers higher corrosion resistance and can be used with solvents containing halides.
1/16" 0.30" 0.5µm 0.82µL 5 JR-.5FR1TI-5
2µm 0.71µL 5 JR-2FR1TI-5
1/8" .040" 2µm 2.83µL 5 JR-2FR2TI-5
1/4" .040 2µm 11.30µL 5 JR-2FR4TI-5
3/8" .040" 2µm 25.45µL 5 JR-2FR6TI-5
1/2" .040 2µm 45.20µL 5 JR-2FR8TI-5
10µm 51.66µL 5 JR-10FR8TI-5
1" .060" 2µm 180.80µL 5 JR-2FR1KTI-5


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