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Hollow Plunger Series

Hollow PlungerThe new Precision Sampling hollow plunger syringe with two integrated valves opens a whole new world of application possibilities:

Dispense a viscous sample more easily by introducing it into the rear of the syringe instead of drawing it up through the needle.

Eliminate sample-to-sample cross contamination by giving the syringe a thorough cleaning with a rinse introduced through the plunger.

Sample continuously without ever withdrawing the needle from the original point of entry. Just close the on/off valve after drawing sample through the needle, and the sample is redirected out the plunger valve as the plunger is depressed.

And since whatever you do with this syringe involves less plunger manipulation than doing the same thing with a standard syringe, you get the additional benefits of saved time and reduced plunger wear.

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