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gccolumnselectioninternalWhich Column Do I Need?

A Guide to GC Column Selection & Optimising Separation.

Learn how to choose the right column the first time, optimize separations for the best balance of resolution and speed as well as troubleshoot quickly and effectively based on chromatographic symptoms.


Successful separation depends on choosing the right column, but with so many options available, it can be a difficult task in knowing which column is right for your application.

The GC Column Selection Guide offers many sections of how to make your selection including using separation factors to choose the best stationary phase, selecting column film thickness and column ID based on retention factor as well as GC troubleshooting tips.

Our in-depth guide walks you through each and every step, complete with diagrams and illustrations.

Take a look through a guide to GC Columns Selection & Optimising Separations here, and order the poster guide for free so you can access the guide whenever you need to.


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