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crmAccurately Detect & Quantigy 2-4 Pesticides of Global Concern by LC-MS/MS

with the new Restek certified reference materials kit

Stop spending your time and money developing LC-MS/MS multi-residue pesticide methods and mixing reference standards when you could be running samples.

Restek's trusted food safety experts have already done the work for you - with guaranteed accuracy and at a lower cost. Restek's new certified reference materials (CRMs) for LC-Ms/MS multi-residue pesticide analysis eliminate the need to source, purchase and store individual materials along with the need to prepare your own mixes.

Full kit contains 204 compounds of interest, covering many LC-determind pesticides listed by government agencies; individual ampuls also sold separately.

Formulated and grouped for maximum long-term stability and well-balaned chromatographic performance, even for early eluting compounds.

Quantitatively tested to confirm composition; detailed support documentation provided.

Optimised multi-residue pesticde method is offered frree of charge; downloadable XLS file includes condition and transition tables.

Ideal for a wide range of fruits, vegetables and other comodoties.

Certified reference material (CRM) manufactured and QC-tested in Restek's ISO-accredited labs satifies your ISO requirements.

Set up, verify and validate your pesticide-screening methods in less time, with proven confidence, and ar a significantly reduced cost by turning to Restek's ISO-accredited labs for your LC-MS/MS multi-residue pesticide certified reference materials. For added convenience and unbeatable results, also consider Resteks internal standards, Ultra and Pinnable® DB LC columns, and Q-sep™ QuEChERS sample prep products.

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