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Mitigate Matrix Interface with New Isotopically Labeled Pesticide Residue Internal Standards

pesticide-12-042Any food safety chemist can attest that interference is a major concern when performing pesticide residue analysis. But with the release of its expanded line of internal and surrogate reference standards, Restek now offer enough options to imitigate interference in nearly any matrix.

Isotopically labeled to provided the best approach for pesticide residue quantification, these new internal standards are economically priced and compatible with both LC-MS and GC-MS applications. They are even useful for optimising LC-MS/MS system performance. Like all of the certified reference materials (CRMs) manufactured and QC-tested in Restek's ISO-accredited labs, they can also help you satisfy your ISO requirements with ease.

CompoundCAS#SolventConc. (ug/mL)Cat.#
atrazine-d5 163165-75-1 Acetonitrile 100 31984
carbaryl-d7 362049-56-7 Acetonitrile 100 31985
diazinon-d10 100155-47-3 Acetonitrile 100 31986
dichlorvos-d6 203645-53-8 Acetone 100 31987
dimethoate-d6 1219794-81-6 Acetonitrile 100 31988
diuron-d6 1007536-67-5 Acetonitrile 100 31989
linuron-d6 330-55-2 Acetonitrile 100 31990


If you are interested in placing an order for this selection of internal pesticide residue standards, please use our online shop, or call us on 01494 563377


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