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pharmaExcellent LC-MS separation of Penicillins and Cephalosporins using Ultra IBD Columns

Antibiotics are the most widely used medications in the world. Whether by prescription, addition to animcal feed stocks, or use of cleaning agents, everyone in the civilized world is either directly or indirectly exposed to antibiotics in daily life. The overuse of anitbiotics, however, has allowed resistant bacteria to thrive. The death of 12,500 people in Guatemala from an episode of Shigella fever can be traced to a simple mutation of the basterial strain. research indicated that the bacterium incorporated a single plasmid into its RNA sequence and resultantly became resistant to four different antibiotics. This illustrates the danger of resistance caused by adaptation. To combat resistant bacteria, new antibiotic derivatives must be created to overcome the bacteria's new defense mechanisms. Typically, HPLC columns can be used to analyze penicillins and their structually related cephalosporins. However, the similarity of many derivatives may require additional interactions to effectively seperate related compounds. Restek's Ultra IBS column is better able to resolve these compounds using polar and hydrophobic interactions.

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