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oliveoilfeaturePrepare Olive Oil Samples for Pesticide Residue Analysis in Half the Time With a Fraction of the Solvent Using dSPE

Simplify and speed up sample preparation with Resprep® dSPE tubes! Here we show the extraction and cleanup of pesticide residues from olive oil samples—twice as fast as GPC, with only a fraction of the solvent required for conventional SPE.

Olive oil is considered a healthy fat source and is a staple in many recommended diets. However, concerns about potentially negative health effects associated with pesticide residues have increased consumer interest in testing. While organophosphorus pesticides are currently used in olive orchards to control pests, organochlorine pesticides are still tested, even though they are no longer in commercial use, because they are persistent organic pollutants. There are several existing methods for measuring pesticide residues in olive oil, all of which involvesample extraction and cleanup. The common goal of these methods is to remove lipids that are harmful to the analytical system. Efficient sample cleanup procedures are critical to maximizing sample throughput and minimizing labor and material costs.

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