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Revolutionising the LC Analysis of Polar Compounds

 Raptor Polar X LC Columns

Polar X CRM



  • Reliably analyze a wide variety of polar analytes (acidic, basic, and neutral) without time-consuming derivatization or complex ion pairing. 
  • Switch between HILIC and ion-exchange retention modes with simple mobile phase changes and short equilibration times. 
  • 2.7 μm Raptor core-shell particles provide UHPLC-like speed and efficiency on all makes and models of LC systems 
  • Ideal for increasing sensitivity and selectivity in LC-MS analyses. 




Analyzing polar compounds using liquid chromatography has historically been a challenge due to poor retention, long equilibration times, low sensitivity, and the need to mitigate these problems with time-consuming sample derivatization or complex ion-pairing approaches. However, with the development of the Raptor Polar X column—a novel column that is specifically designed for the analysis of a broad range of polar compounds—scientists can avoid these problems.

These new columns feature a unique phase chemistry that combines both HILIC and ion-exchange retention mechanisms on a single ligand. Because this ligand is bound to superficially porous particles, Raptor Polar X columns both reliably retain and efficiently separate a wide variety of polar analytes with simple mobile phase changes. By analyzing polar compounds on a column that provides purpose-built resolving power, you can avoid complex sample preparation procedures, save time and money, and reduce opportunities for error. Simplify the analysis of polar compounds with the resolving power of Raptor Polar X columns from Restek. 

How it works:

The Raptor Polar X column can quickly and easily be switched between polar retention modes by simple changes in mobile phase conditions, providing an unprecedented ability to retain and separate a wide variety of polar compounds, even in the same analysis.

Polarx diagram



  • Excellent resolution and separation of a wide variety of polar compounds. 
  • Combines HILIC and ion-exchange retention mechanisms together in a single ligand. 
  • Broadly applicable for polar compound analysis spanning different industries and methods. 


Switch to a Raptor Polar X when: 

  • You are analyzing neutral, acidic, basic, or permanently charged polar compounds. 
  • Performing LC-MS/MS analysis of polar compounds.
  • You are struggling to retain or elute polar compounds and considering ion chromatography.


Find out more about the new Polar X range in our downloadable brochure.


Storage Conditions: When not in use, Raptor Polar X columns must be kept in 100% acetonitrile. If using a buffered mobile phase, first flush thoroughly with 50:50 water:acetonitrile, then fill with acetonitrile for storage.


 How to purchase:

Particle size Pore size Length Internal diameter Cat. # Price £

2.7 μm

90 Å

30 mm   

2.1 mm



2.7 μm

90 Å

50 mm

2.1 mm



2.7 μm

90 Å

100 mm

2.1 mm




Purchase Raptor Polar X EXP Guard Column Cartridges 

Particle Size: 2.7 μm 

Size: 5 x 2.1 mm 

Unit: 3-pk. 

Price: £399.60

To order, quote cat.#: 9311A0252


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