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Less Time Preparing Standards for Terpenes Analysis


Cannabis Terpenes Standard #1 (19 components)



  • Formulated to contain the major terpenes analyzed by cannabis labs.
  • Prepared in two separate multicomponent mixes to maximize stability.
  • Comprehensive blends minimize time spent preparing standards for marijuana analysis.
  • High concentration (2500 µg/mL) solutions provide value and maximize flexibility.


Product Name: Cannabis Terpenes Standard #1  

Conc. in Solvent and Volume: 2500 µg/mL each in isopropanol, 1 mL/ampul  

Units: each 

Certified Reference Material (CRM): Yes  

Max Shelf Life on Ship Date: 24 months  

Min Shelf Life on Ship Date: 6 months  

Shipping Conditions: Ambient  

Storage Temperature: 0 °C or colder 


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