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  • Ideal for high-throughput LC-MS/MS applications with minimal sample preparation

  • Well-balanced retention profile for better detection and integration of parge, multiclass analyte lists
  • Sterically protected to ensdure low-pH mobile phases without sacrificing retention or peak quality
  • Part of Restek's Raptor™ LC column line featuring 2.7 and 5µm SPP core-shell silica

The birth of Restek's SPP LC column line began with the innovative Biphenyl phase, and it has now grown to include a new Restek® phase: the ARC-18.

Designed and intended specifically for use on LC-MS/MS systems, the Raptor™ ARC-18 column offers a well-balanced retention profile without the drawbacks of using an ordinary C18 in the harsh, acific mobile phases needed for mass spectrometry (MS). Even after extended use in these low-pH (≤2.0) conditions, the sterically protected ARC-18 offers consistent retention, peak shape, and response for charged bases, neutral acids, small polar compounds and more. For the rapid analysis of large, multiclass assays by LC-MS/MS, the Raptor™ ARC-18 truly is ahead of the curve.

Download the full technical ARC-18 brochure here and check pricing or order your Raptor ARC-18 Columns here.


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